This website was created to collect the administrative fines issued to foreign drivers in the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) of the City of Antwerp by Modero. The collection of fines for Belgian, Dutch and French Vehicle Registration Plates is done by the City of Antwerp itself. All information about those fines can be found at www.sna.be/LEZ.

This site will provide you with more information about:

  • how to register your vehicle to avoid fines;
  • how to pay the fine;
  • how to file an objection against the fine;
  • specific questions about the Low Emission Zone in the City of Antwerp;
  • the Decision of the Flemish Government.

About the Low Emission Zone in the City of Antwerp

The City of Antwerp wants to improve air quality and has decided to set up a Low Emission Zone for the city centre and a part of the Linkeroever area (Left Bank). Since 1 February 2017, the most polluting vehicles can no longer enter the city.

Foreign vehicles that meet the conditions of admission must also be registered before driving into the city. You can perform this registration online. In that way, you can see right away whether you can drive into the city free of charge or whether you need to purchase an admission or an LEZ day pass. If you have failed to register your vehicle in time, you will be sent a fine by registered letter. You will have to pay this fine, unless you have a legitimate reason to dispute it.

The LEZ is based on the Flemish Decree of 27 November 2015 and the Decision of the Flemish Government on Low Emission Zones of 26 February 2016. It was incorporated into the Municipal Regulation concerning the Low Emission Zone of Antwerp.

About Modero

The City of Antwerp entrusted the international collection of fines issued within the Low Emission Zone to Modero. To do so, Modero works together with local partners in each country to make sure that payment for the vehicle owners is simple, understandable and smooth.