The LEZ fine you have received is part of an administrative procedure that can only be completed in writing. Therefore, it is not possible to validly dispute the fine by phone, by e-mail or by ordinary letter.

How do I send in an objection?

If you received an LEZ fine, the same letter also contained an objection form. You will need to fill in this form, add any attachments, and send it by registered letter with sufficient postage to:

Stad Antwerpen P/A Modero
Mechelsesteenweg 203
2018 Antwerpen

Do not forget to place your signature at the bottom of the letter and to mention the location and date.

Who was driving with my vehicle?

If you were driving when your vehicle entered the LEZ, then you should complete the objection form yourself.

If someone else was driving your vehicle, then that driver must fill out the document.

PLEASE NOTE: If you were not driving the vehicle, you are entitled to appoint the actual driver. To do so, please ask the driver to acknowledge that he or she drove your vehicle into the LEZ. You can do this by having the driver sign the objection form and sending it to us by registered letter. Otherwise, you, as the Registration Certificate holder, will still be required to pay the fine. ALWAYS include a copy of the driver’s ID card in the letter.

If the vehicle is a leased vehicle, the LEZ fine will initially be imposed on the leasing company. The actual driver must be identified by the leasing company as soon as possible. This is done by providing the leasing contract and all identification and address details of the lease holder on the objection form. In that way, the lease holder will be prosecuted and able to dispute the fine.

How do I file my objection?

Clearly describe your objection and why the City of Antwerp should honour it. Mention the place, time and circumstances as clearly as possible. You should describe all situations which occurred in the city itself as accurately as possible. Make sure that there are sufficient, clearly legible copies of the certificates available that support your arguments. Read the FAQ to see whether they include your objection and write legibly!

When do I submit my objection?

As soon as possible. Your objection must reach us within 30 days! Bear in mind that it will take a number of days to get your letter delivered to Belgium, to ensure your letter reaches us in a timely manner. If your objection is sent in late, unfortunately it cannot be accepted.