Register and pay in advance

Foreign vehicles must always be registered in advance. You can register online, at one of the touchscreen parking meters in the Antwerp city centre or at an LEZ machine. Read about it here.

The administrative fine

If your foreign vehicle was not validly registered, you will be issued an administrative fine. You will receive a letter in your national language. You will have to pay this fine. If you dispute the fine, you can file an objection. To do so, fill in the objection form attached to the letter. Your objection will be reviewed by the City of Antwerp and you will be quickly informed of whether or not it was accepted. If your objection was accepted, the administrative fine will be voided; if your objection is rejected, you will still have to pay according to the instructions contained in the letter.

How do I pay?

Do you have a Belgian, Dutch or French license plate?
The collection of fines for Belgian, Dutch and French license plates is organised by the city of Antwerp itself. After your violation you received a registered letter from the city of Antwerp. You will find the correct payment details in this correspondence.

Do you have a different license plate?
Fines for other foreign registration numbers are collected by Modero. You can pay by European or international bank transfer to the account number shown on the letter you receive from Modero. Enter your case number as the payment identification reference for the transfer.

I do not pay or I do not pay on time

If you do not pay within the required time limit and do not validly dispute the fine, your file will be handed over to a judicial officer in your country. He or she will ask you again to pay the administrative fine.

PLEASE NOTE: this involves additional costs. It is therefore important to pay on time.

I dispute the fine

If you want to dispute the fine, please fill in the objection form attached to the letter. As long as you have not received an answer to your objection, you do not need to pay.

PLEASE NOTE: you must submit your objection by registered letter together with all of the evidence in support of your arguments. Your objection must reach us within 30 days! Disputes that are incorrect, incomplete or late will not be accepted. Read the FAQ to check whether you have valid grounds for disputing the fine.

For example, you can send the following documents:

– always required: your Vehicle Registration Certificate;
– if available: the European Certificate of Conformity;
– in case of a higher Euro standard: official proof of this standard, if not evidenced by the Vehicle Registration Certificate.