You will receive a fine if you enter the LEZ with a vehicle that is not admitted or registered. The fine will be sent by registered letter with confirmation of receipt.

When you receive a fine, you can dispute it if you do not agree. To do so, you must use the objection form. The objection form in which you dispute the fine and all the arguments and evidence attached thereto must be sent by registered letter to the following address: Stad Antwerpen P/A Modero – Mechelsesteenweg 203 – 2018 Antwerpen – België .

The objection form must be received by the sanctioning official within a period of 30 days starting from the date on which the notification of the fine was sent.

Objections must be submitted by registered letter and must include all arguments and evidence/supporting documents, such as the Vehicle Registration Certificate, the European Certificate of Conformity or official proof of the fact that your vehicle meets a higher European emission standard. Objections that are not sent by registered letter or that are sent late will not be processed. Objections via e-mail are not accepted.

As long as a decision has not been taken, there is no need to pay the fine yet.